Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Daughter's Birthday Party

My Daughter’s Birthday Party

My little girl, Savanna, turned six not too long ago.  We had a little friend party at Build a Bear Workshop.  She had a wonderful time with her friends as they made new bears.  At the end of the celebration, she was given a cute yellow bear and black marker.  She asked each friend and even the moms and dads to sign her little bear so she could always remember who was with her as she celebrated her sixth birthday.

Staring at the bear the other day, I thought to myself “What if everyone in my life that has come and gone signed a bear for me?”  To help me remember them.

I thought of my parents.  My dad who did my homework with me and read me bedtime stories.  My mom who has become one of my best friends.  My husband who loves me more than anyone ever could.  My beautiful daughter who is my very own miracle.  My best friend in second grade.  My high school friend who got cokes with me every day during lunch.  The boy in school who had a crush on me and wrote me the sweetest love notes.  The boy I had a crush on who always made me laugh.  My sisters.   My Young Women Leader who showed me I was special regardless of how I felt.  I could go on and on.  The Romance Writers who taught me to enjoy writing.   The League of Utah Writers who saw in me something great and inspired me to follow my dreams.

I bet you could too.  My little yellow bear would be huge.  It would probably fill my entire house.  I fill so blessed to have so many people love me and reach out to me; to help me on my path in life. 

I wish for you to have lots of signatures on your bear of people who has celebrated your life with you.  You are an amazing person!  And you are loved.

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