Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Christmas Holiday

It’s official, Thanksgiving is over.  The leftovers are even gone.  And now the Christmas Holiday has become into full force, which is okay with me.  I love the holidays.  I love all the fun activities.  I love seeing my friends and family more.  I love the holiday music.  I love the goodies, too much.  I absolutely love Chick-fil-a peppermint shakes.  I love the gingerbread men at Kneaders.
I love seeing all of the beautiful Christmas lights as you drive around town.  I love selling AVON and the smile it brings to people’s faces as I drop off their orders.
I love how everywhere it is decorate from my daughter’s school to the bank and so on.
I love how more centered my family is.  And how much we hang out together.  I love how Savanna’s eyes light up when she sees Santa Clause.  I love the fun activities we go on.
Christmas is indeed the most magical time of the year.
Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas.



Today I was pulling out the Christmas Decorations with my daughter, Savanna.  She just turned six years old.  She absolutely loves Barbie.  I had a Hallmark Barbie that I have had for many years.  I never opened the box, and most of the time you couldn’t even see her because the flap on the box would cover her up.  She is stunning wearing a vivid dream gown and her fancy auburn hair.  She has on a beautiful diamond ring and is carrying a clutch that matches her dress.

I always thought how beautiful  she was yet I never ever opened her box.  But as Savanna’s eyes lit up and as she grinned.  I thought maybe just maybe this year I will open it for her.  After my hesitation and several please mommy.  I carefully unwrapped the doll.  I took her out.  Savanna beamed with excitement and immediately gave her a name.  Scarlet.

I couldn’t help but think…am I like that doll.  Closed in a box.  What if I opened up more?  What if I stepped outside of my box and into the world?   What would happen to me then? 

I don’t know the answers…I guess I will just have to try it.  I do know however, that Barbie doll was even more dazzling outside the box and the smile on Savanna’s face was wonderful.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season
Best Wishes

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am writing to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  I would like to share with you a family tradition and a secret to making your life better.

The first one, every Thanksgiving before we eat, we give a prayer of thanks to God.  And then we go around the table and say one thing we are thankful for.  Such as our family, friends, health, having a job in these tough times, our Church.  Thanksgiving is a beautiful, special holiday.  It is a time to be with our family and friends.

The secret which I learned quite a few years ago is to keep a gratitude journal.  Each day write down five things you are grateful for.  It doesn’t have to be huge.  It could be a phone call with a friend, a cup of hot chocolate, an extra hug from your spouse or child, the joy of giving, the home you live in, your adorable pets, and a pair of warm boots.  Of course there are much bigger things to be thankful.  But keep it simple.  The more gratitude we can incorporate in our lives the happier we will be.

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and peace and joy this coming Christmas.

Best Wishes,

Monday, November 19, 2012

Finding My South

Today I sat in my car with the window down.  It was cold.  The sky was clear. Outside I saw a flock of birds.  They were beautiful and free.  I was in awe.  I couldn’t help but wonder though, what were they doing.  They kept circling and circling in the sky.  Almost as if they were unsure which direction to go.  I wonder if they were planning their flight south for the winter, but they couldn’t find the direction to go.

At times I feel that way in my life. I am unsure of my path.  Nor do I trust my heart.  I wonder if you do too. 

Finally after several long moments, the birds swooped one more time.  This time they were heading south.  Flying as if they knew exactly where they were supposed to go. 

I felt happier watching them.   I don’t know why exactly.  But somehow I got this feeling that soon I will stop circling, and I will go where I am supposed to be.  Become the person I want to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not under the impression that I will always know the direction to go, sometimes I will circle.  But I hope I will always have faith in God and myself to once again find my path south.

I hope as winter draws near, you will find your own south and be warm and happy.

Best Wishes,

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Daughter's Birthday Party

My Daughter’s Birthday Party

My little girl, Savanna, turned six not too long ago.  We had a little friend party at Build a Bear Workshop.  She had a wonderful time with her friends as they made new bears.  At the end of the celebration, she was given a cute yellow bear and black marker.  She asked each friend and even the moms and dads to sign her little bear so she could always remember who was with her as she celebrated her sixth birthday.

Staring at the bear the other day, I thought to myself “What if everyone in my life that has come and gone signed a bear for me?”  To help me remember them.

I thought of my parents.  My dad who did my homework with me and read me bedtime stories.  My mom who has become one of my best friends.  My husband who loves me more than anyone ever could.  My beautiful daughter who is my very own miracle.  My best friend in second grade.  My high school friend who got cokes with me every day during lunch.  The boy in school who had a crush on me and wrote me the sweetest love notes.  The boy I had a crush on who always made me laugh.  My sisters.   My Young Women Leader who showed me I was special regardless of how I felt.  I could go on and on.  The Romance Writers who taught me to enjoy writing.   The League of Utah Writers who saw in me something great and inspired me to follow my dreams.

I bet you could too.  My little yellow bear would be huge.  It would probably fill my entire house.  I fill so blessed to have so many people love me and reach out to me; to help me on my path in life. 

I wish for you to have lots of signatures on your bear of people who has celebrated your life with you.  You are an amazing person!  And you are loved.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Beautiful Gift

A Beautiful Gift
My husband and I received a beautiful quilt from my mother-in-law.  On it was a pink heart and at the bottom she had dedicated the quilt to us with love.

For years I carefully set it on my bed every morning after I woke up.  I smoothed the corners just right.  It was beautiful. 

One night I was extra tired so I climbed into our bed without removing the quilt.  I have never slept so well.  It was warm and comfortable and just the right weight.  It was like sleeping in what I imagine Heaven is like.  So as I climbed out of bed, I looked at the crumbled quilt.  It was no longer smooth or quite as beautiful.  You could no longer make out the heart.  But I had this sense, strange as it may sound, life could be like that quilt.  Sometimes mine has been just like it.  Beautiful on the outside, but I never really wrapped myself around it and embraced it or the warmth of my loved ones.

 Every night now I sleep under that quilt.  I crave its warmth and love.  It reminds me of my mother-in-law and how much she loves us.  It reminds me of so many things.  Such as a well worn heart is better than a perfect heart that never has loved or been broken.  And sometimes our lives are messy.  But in that mess sometimes we can find everything we ever needed.