Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Today I was pulling out the Christmas Decorations with my daughter, Savanna.  She just turned six years old.  She absolutely loves Barbie.  I had a Hallmark Barbie that I have had for many years.  I never opened the box, and most of the time you couldn’t even see her because the flap on the box would cover her up.  She is stunning wearing a vivid dream gown and her fancy auburn hair.  She has on a beautiful diamond ring and is carrying a clutch that matches her dress.

I always thought how beautiful  she was yet I never ever opened her box.  But as Savanna’s eyes lit up and as she grinned.  I thought maybe just maybe this year I will open it for her.  After my hesitation and several please mommy.  I carefully unwrapped the doll.  I took her out.  Savanna beamed with excitement and immediately gave her a name.  Scarlet.

I couldn’t help but think…am I like that doll.  Closed in a box.  What if I opened up more?  What if I stepped outside of my box and into the world?   What would happen to me then? 

I don’t know the answers…I guess I will just have to try it.  I do know however, that Barbie doll was even more dazzling outside the box and the smile on Savanna’s face was wonderful.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season
Best Wishes

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